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Lexus ux

Model Making

Making of the Lexus UX Show Car.

I had the chance to participate as a model maker to the making of the Lexus UX concept car at Factory Unit, a model making and prototyping company in the south of France. I took part in most of the work from welding pieces of the chassis, to bodywork and painting. 

A project from de ED2 (Toyota Europe Design Developpement).

All photos belong to Lexus, Factory Unit, Formtrends or The Verge.


Lexus UX Factory Unit
Lexus UX FactoryUnit
Lexus UX Factory Unit
Lexus UX

The car was presented at the 2016 Mondial de l'automobile in Paris, where I had a chance to see it on the carpet of the show.

Details of the car I have worked on

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