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Product Design

Lounge Chair Machine

Led with the wish of doing something real, existing in our real world, in my graspable environement.

The making of this chair went through the iconic steps of the furniture design process, enbodying the core of project structuring.
From sketching to the making of the product, through the magical moment where the CAD model materializes in front of your eyes.

This lounge chair is ment to be confortable and relaxed, but not lazy. Proportions and angles of the sitting surfaces were achieved through an ergonomy mock-up.

These surfaces are brough to their final dimensions and curvature in the process of assembling the chair. The eight central bolts bend the surfaces to welcome the human body.

Project conceived at the ABK in Stuttgart, 2018.

Exhibited at the 2020 Junge Möbelschau in Stuttgart.

Making of

The radiator is made of DMLS copper and ceramic.

Pullirsch-Dussourd Lucas


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