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Alps Hammock

Diploma Project,

Exhibited at the German Design Graduates award show in Berlin.

At home in the mountains

Being in nature is all about experience. But each and everyone of us is building his or her own adventure at his or her own scale. Sleeping in nature, allows us to carry on these adventures, to get further, stay outdoors for longer and discover new places that were out of reach. Sleeping outside unfolds a whole new set of occurrences that enhance and complement the experiences. 


Moving fast in the mountains makes you safer, in case of bad weather or a bad situation you are able to react quicker. Thus the equipment that you carry has quite some importance. 


The Alps Hammock is a hammock system designed to offer superior protection from wind and rain, whilst being light, compact and easy to set up. It is made to be durable and easily repairable. For safer and longer adventures in the mountains.


The materials used in the Hammock have been chosen to be the most durable possible. Dyneema Composite Fabrics are very tear resistant, extremely light and easily repairable. The various cords also Woven out of dyneema, the superior strength, allows the use of a thinner cord, further reducing weight.

In order to reduce the environnemental impact, the cutting pattern of the hammock has been optimised in order to have 0% cut-offs. The quantity of materials used has been minimized whilst retaining maximum functionnality.

The porch of the tent surrounding the hammock, offers shelter in case of rain to make food or rest over the day, but can be closed all the way to offer protection from wind and rain whilst sleeping.

The result is a very compact, 680g, hammock system.

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